Gender/Diversity Audit

Beyond programming, gender analysis also forms a fundamental part of organizational development. True commitment to gender equality has implications on how an organization recruits, trains and assesses staff,  gender sensitive policies and practices across budgeting, partnerships and organizational priorities.

Below are a set of tools and resources around:

  • Training on gender, equity and diversity
  • Assessments exploring the organizational climate
  • Representation of gender issues in planning, policies and practices

Gender, Equity and Diversity Training

To prepare staff to confront issues on gender and sexuality, to take a respectful and non-judgmental stance in the research process, and avoid imposing our own assumptions or values onto others. This reflection is critical to support staff to work respectfully as a team, and facilitate reflection on values and assumptions within communities.


Organizational Assessment

For Guidance on Building an Impact Measurement Strategy and Knowledge Management System, see the Women's Empowerment Impact Measurement Initiative (WEIMI) Guide.


Gender-Responsive Planning

To harness analysis to inform organizational strategic planning.

Strategic planning, policies and practices should be informed by the analyses to improve CARE's commitment to gender, equity and diversity across its goals and ways of working through:

  • Strategic planning
  • Annual Operating Plans
  • Gender Equity and Diversity Strategies
  • Human Resource policies and practices
  • Finance policies and practices

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