Tools: Violence and Restorative Justice



Community, Social and Resource Mapping

Maps the spatial  spread, natural resources, access to infrastructure and the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion from development and decision-making (structures).

Gender Equality Attitudes-Values Clarification

Gauges men’s (or women’s) attitudes about gender equality (agency). It can also then be used to understand the broader values and norms that drive attitudes (structures), as well as give a sense of the dynamics surrounding gender relations.

Conflict Role-Playing

Looks into the relational dynamics surrounding a conflict, and the strategies women or men engage (agency) to work through conflict.

Body Mapping

Discusses what areas are associated with pleasure, pain, power and shame (agency). Probes into the relationships and structures that reinforce men's and women’s associations around pleasure or power related to their bodies.

Norms and Values Evolution

Questions how norms/values (structures) within a community have changed: what men and women / boys and girls have achieved (agency), how relationships and support systems have shifted, and their affect on a group's choices and opportunities (structures).

Force-Field Analysis

Explores the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that constrain or reinforce a particular issue or condition. These factors can span across agency, structures and relations.

Forms of Violence

Seeks to understand the forms of violence within a given context (structures, relations), affecting young men and women.