Part IV: Testing the Theory of Change

What can we learn from the WEIMI COs on testing WE theories of change?

While you may still be developing strategic hypotheses, designing new initiatives aligned with your TOC, or finalizing your impact measurement system, you may already be taking steps to “test” your theory of change. Testing your TOC is distinct in moving you from the conceptual to the empirical world. You will see that testing your TOC is a continuous process. This section will provide some pointers on how to test and validate your TOC.

WEIMI Country Offices are in different stages of developing their impact measurement system / strategy and in testing their WE theory of change. They are still on a learning journey, discovering what it takes to set up a measurement system, seeing what is feasible in terms of resources and costs, and taking small steps forward rather than waiting for all the parts of the puzzle to be in place.

Their experience suggests:

  • Start testing elements of the theory of change, as you implement and design new initiatives. Develop the tools, standards, and policies as you move ahead and gain confidence in what you need to support program measurement and what actually works for you.
  •  As you develop results, share them with others and allow the reflection to generate the next round of questions, in an action-planning cycle. Get into the practice of documenting and sharing knowledge.
  • Learn from other COs, rather than reinventing the wheel.

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